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Economic Tent

Our Jungle Safari Tents are made of heavy duty canvas fabric with beautiful inner linings on the frame structure or pole structure. Our these Tents are of majestic features which gives a magnificent appearance. Tents are made with a design and patterns which equally match with the wild atmosphere pertaining to jungle. Our Jungle Safari Tents are easy to erect and as easy to pulled down less than hour time to facilitate the storage when no more required.

  Complete Size   Room Size   Varanda Size   Bathroom size   Window   Gate   Type
  3MTR X 6MTR   3MTR X 3MTR   3MTR X 1.5MTR   3MTR X 1.5MTR   04   02   Iron frame
  3.7MTR X 7.3MTR   3.7MTR X 3.7MTR   3MTR X 1.85MTR   3MTR X 1.85MTR   04   02   Iron frame
  4.3MTR X 8.5MTR   4.3MTR X 4.3MTR   4.3MTR X 2.15MTR   4.3MTR X 2.15MTR   06   02   Iron frame
  4.6MTR X 9MTR   4.6MTR X 4.6MTR   4.6MTR X 2.3MTR   4.6MTR X 2.3MTR   06   02   Iron frame